Rod Duckworth

Rod @ Hi-Speed

Rod Duckworth is the founder and owner of Hi-Speed Networking with many years experience in mechanical and electronic engineering, from automotive and computers systems of many types, and a multitude of different operating systems, from CPM, DRDOS, SuperDos, Novel, Unix, OS/2, Windows, Linux etc. Rod also specialises in digital and analogue electronic repairs to board level, and has so done since 1976.

Rod worked for many years with number high profile electronic and business equipment companies from technical retail sales through to electronic workshop repairs on many different types of equipment including some of the very first computerised POS systems in the world to networking communications kit such as Cisco routers and switches, HP and Micronet hubs, and business equipment including copiers and typewriters in the early days to desktops, servers, Micros and minis today.

He draws on experience from involvement in a quit a diverse number of different industries giving him excellent diagnostic abilities.

His ability to perform services such as installation and certification of communications media from copper to Fibre and wireless, gives him an ability to quickly diagnose communications problems that hinder the smooth operations of low level network protocols.

Rod's major interests include flying GA aircraft, design, building, modification, dyno tuning and testing of Fuel and Nitrous Oxide injected engines. Turbo and Super Charged V8 Drag Race motors were a specialty for a number of years, coupled with modification and reprogramming of Electronic Engine Control Management systems. Electronic circuit design and building has always been a flare and he holds qualifications in "Electronics and Communications", as well as a number aviation endorsments and qualifications with flying experience since the early 1980s. 

Having a sound technical ability and understanding in Electro Mechanical and Digital / Analogue repairs, meant he was constantly bombarded with requests to repair various electronics devices, so Rod decided to start a new business called Hi-Speed Networking in 1992. 

At that time the business was primarily focused on servicing and supporting automotive electronics, so Rod continued to specialise in automotive computers (EEM & ECM's), but TV's, Hi-Fi Audio and Video, along with general electronics  became popular for him to repair through word of mouth. As Rod had many years with hospitality IT systems, having a lean towards "Point of Sale" (POS) equipment from vendors such as Micros, IBM etc, computer LAN's became very popular, and hence became a major component of the Hi-Speeds business.

Rod has a unyielding interest in all things technical and electronic and an exceptional ability to teach, and has conducted in depth technical training for many individual people to computer groups to large companies such as IBM.

Hi-Speed Networking and its team of technicians are always up to date knowledgeable on all the latest I.T. technologies available, as well those new and emerging technologies just around the corner.